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Giant Bombcast 589: The Homie Protocol

2019-06-25 48:42 Giant Bombcast

This week we break, uh, protocol by starting with a gigantic pile of your emails, before moving on to Bloodstained, Samurai Shodown, Shang Tsung, more Auto Chess of various flavors, and the news of the day.

The Jeff Gerstmann Home Game: Post-E3 Snoopy Strats

2019-06-24 57:38

OK, the game audio in the first couple of games is a little... off-key? But it sounds kinda rad in its own right, so experience the magic of Commando, Snoopy, more Snoopy, Rambo, and more.

Best of Giant Bomb: 170 - Gamer Fuel

2019-06-22 19:57 Best of Giant Bomb

Remember when Keanu Reeves was at E3?

Quick Look: Collection of Mana

2019-06-22 22:14 Quick Looks

The secret is out! We've collected a whole bunch of Mana!

Quick Look: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

2019-06-21 26:50 Quick Looks

We dive into the catacombs to discover what the most portable snack is!

Quick Look: Samurai Shodown

2019-06-21 32:18 Quick Looks

The weapon-based fighter is back and we show up to showdown.

Quick Look: Judgment

2019-06-21 25:56

Alex enters a familiar but strange world of lawyers, detectives, and perverted professors.

Unfinished: Dota Underlords 06/20/2019

2019-06-20 41:37 Unfinished

Another auto chess game takes the stage. But is this all just a way to get us back into Dota?

Quick Look: My Friend Pedro

2019-06-20 13:27

Let's flip, jump, and shoot our way to victory in a warehouse space whose architecture makes absolutely no sense.

Quick Look: Cadence of Hyrule

2019-06-18 28:04 Quick Looks

It's dangerous to go alone, take this sick beat!