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Unfinished: Dreams: The Tutorial Bits

2019-04-22 14:18 Unfinished

Let's take a look at how deep some of these tutorials go and what we can learn from them.

Quick Look: Dragon's Dogma (Nintendo Switch)

2019-04-22 31:40 Quick Looks

Brad and Ben are joined by their faithful pawn ****a in the Nintendo Switch release of Dragon's Dogma!

Ranking of Fighters 0035: Time Killers & BloodStorm

2019-04-22 52:11

There are a lot of variables in scientific studies, for example what happens when your arm gets cut off?

Quick Look: Mortal Kombat 11

2019-04-22 56:15

Jeff, Jason, and Ben are summoned by the Elder Gods once again to participate in MORTAL KOMBAT!

Best of Giant Bomb: 166 - Altered Beast

2019-04-20 12:19 Best of Giant Bomb

Rise from your graves and witness the crew beat Altered Beast on their very first* attempt!


2019-04-19 18:38 Quick Looks

Ben and Brad kick back over their new beachfront property!

Breakfast 'N' Ben - 04/17/19

2019-04-18 02:40 Features

The best part of waking up is putting lead down range.

Quick Look: Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Trilogy

2019-04-18 40:29 Quick Looks

Order in the court room! Phoenix Wright is BACK and ready to investigate some murders and talk to some bell boys.

Game Tapes RAW: Capcom E3 2001

2019-04-17 17:52 Features

This isn't the "blue dude with an attitude" you're thinking of!

PokéMonday Night Combat - 04/16/2019

2019-04-16 55:48 Features

I got some candles ready because I need some MATCHES!