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Quick Look: Civilization VI - Gathering Storm

2019-02-16 47:56 Quick Looks

Canada is known for two things: ice hockey rinks and giant robots.

Quick Look: Anthem: First Impressions

2019-02-15 53:39

We slide into our javelin suits and fly around a bit of the early parts of Anthem!

Quick Look: Metro Exodus

2019-02-14 57:59

Let's spend the post apocalypse shooting some mutants, knocking out some guards, and jamming on the guitar.

Breakfast 'N' Ben - Auto Chess 02/14/19

2019-02-14 28:19 Features

Valentines is a day for lovers... and grandmasters. Watch as Giant Bomb fans from across the world try to outwit our resident chess brain genius Ben for a month of premium.

Quick Look: Far Cry New Dawn

2019-02-14 15:07 Quick Looks

We come back to Montana to see what's happened since Far Cry 5 and to check out if our bear friend is still around!

Quick Look: Crackdown 3

2019-02-14 42:42

Agents Jeff and Brad descend onto a new city to stop crime and collect orbs!

Quick Look: Jump Force

2019-02-14 15:35 Quick Looks

Do people always look so angry in anime?

The Dating Games: My Horse Prince - 04

2019-02-14 14:54

It's Valentine's Day and that means it's time for Ben and Abby to finally take the plunge with a very special mutant horse man.

Quick Look: Tetris 99

2019-02-13 14:51

Just when you thought we were done with surprise battle royale games, another one drops in!

We Talk Over Nintendo Direct (02/13/2019)

2019-02-13 47:14

Nintendo is gonna show us some stuff, and we're gonna talk over it! Join us!