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Quick Look: Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition

2020-01-27 43:46 Quick Looks

It's been a long road getting from here to there, but we're finally there... or here? Either way, if you haven't seen anything of Kentucky Route Zero, we've got you covered!

Playdate: Halo: Combat Evolved

2020-01-23 00:36 Features

Before we can finish the fight, we have to start it!

Unfinished: Temtem

2020-01-23 01:03 Unfinished

It's temtem o'clock! Time to catch tem all!

Quick Look: Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind

2020-01-23 43:41 Quick Looks

Ben and Jan are Re:Minded that you're never finished with Kingdom Hearts.

Giant Bombcast 618: Teach Gohan to Fish

2020-01-21 35:29 Giant Bombcast

This week we talk Doom Eternal and DBZ Kakarot, PlayStation 5 leaks and delay after delay, the great Byleth conspiracy, boiling eyeballs, a Halo retrospective, the video-rental-to-liquor-store pipeline, and a sighting of the elusive "coin ship."

Unfinished: Doom Eternal

2020-01-21 31:05 Unfinished

Brad is back from HELL and is ready to tell us all about his trip!

Quick Look: Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

2020-01-16 59:48 Quick Looks

Jeff and Jan go on a journey to become the strongest warriors in the universe!

Breakfast 'N' Ben - Halo: Combat Evolved - 1/16/2020

2020-01-16 52:20 Features

Let's find out what all the fuss is about shall we?

Quick Look: Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem

2020-01-16 30:36 Quick Looks

Nancy Drew solves her greatest mystery yet: how do I stop t-posing???

Ben's Lens: Our Biggest Get Yet

2020-01-15 07:20 Features

Ben. Jan. As usual, this is a two-man infiltration mission. This is a top-secret black op. Don't expect any official support.