Jewelpet: Kirakira Mahou no Houseki-bako

A short-lived Japanese arcade game combining Sanrio's Jewelpet series of cutesy toys with Sega's Columns series of falling-block games. It featured a collectible card system, allowing players to improve their Magic Jewel ability by scanning cards of similar Jewel symbols.


Jewelpet: Kirakira Mahou no Houseki-bako (loosely translated to "Jewelpet: Jewelry Box of Glittering Magic") is a falling-block tile-matching puzzle game developed and released by Sega for arcades in Japan on October 27, 2009.

Based on the Jewelpet line of cutesy toys (which was a collaborative effort between Sanrio and Sega Toys), Kirakira Mahou no Houseki-bako utilizes the gameplay of Sega's signature falling-block game series Columns with the series' characters and cutesy theme. Unlike previous Columns games, this game utilizes an easier difficulty curve for younger players (with only four Jewel types used) and a simple Stage-based system (based on the "Flash Columns" variant) for limited game time.

The game uses a dedicated arcade cabinet based on Sega's earlier card-based games Mushiking: The King of Beetle, Dinosaur King, and Love and Berry: Dress Up and Dance!, with a unique control panel (with large buttons instead of a joystick) and a display case for some of the series' toys. Like Sega's card-based games, the game features a collectible card system, where players acquire cards that they can scan before the game starts. Each card has one of four Jewel symbols, each corresponding to the game's four jewel types: Red, Blue, Green, and Black. Players can scan up to three cards to improve the efficiency and spawn rates of the game's Magic Jewel, with matching Jewel symbols further improving it.

The original game featured 33 different cards to collect of three different rarities (Normal, Rare, and Super Rare). On March 2010, an update to the game included an additional 39 cards.