Galactic Junk League

Galactic Junk League is an MMO that brings a unique combination of tactical sandbox building and skill-based multiplayer shooter. Combine superior technology with forgotten galactic junk to build anything that moves.


Welcome to the Galactic Junk League beginners guide, the best place to learn the core mechanics of the game and how everything works, as well as useful information such as damage, advantages and disadvantages of weapons in their current state, and your general knowledge. In case you weren't already aware:

Galactic Junk League is a game in which you build your ship, customise it to how you prefer, use a whole range of different blocks and weaponry to outwit and destroy your opponent.


-Frigate - The frigate class of ships are generally a small, and very agile ship class. They are great for flanking attacks and even able to take on larger targets due to their huge amount of burst damage at close range, which can cripple or even kill the largest ships in seconds that are often over twice the size. A light hull combined with a multitude of thrusters allow the frigate to reach high speeds, with some frigates exceeding 300m/s, at a cost of reduced durability. It also features many class specific abilities which focus on locking down your targets for your team or for yourself, this is referred to as crowd control.

-Cruiser - The cruiser class of ships are a very versatile class focusing mainly on abilities rather than weapons. They favor team play rather than raw individual skill and have a large arsenal of abilities and work as a support vehicle capable of throwing out a lot of crowd control. The main focus of the cruiser is to focus on survival and support it's team. The cruiser class of ships generally do not feature many weapons but have a good balance of durability and agility. A great class to pick if you're a team player!

-Battleship - The battleship! The ship you always see and think, wow, that's really big! The battleship class of course, has the most CPU and therefore can be built the biggest. Battleships tend not to focus on abilities as much as their weaponry and are typically a slow but very hard nut to crack. Battleships are great at soaking up damage for your team whilst also being able to deal a fair amount of their own, battleships are not recommended for new players as they're really slow and easy to destroy if played and built badly.

-Destroyer - Destroyers are often built like glass cannons which prioritise damage over durability. Most destroyers are not very fast but instead their strength lies in their very long range, which can be increased by their class specific abilities. The destroyer alone is not going to be able to take on a good frigate pilot due to it's lack of speed and utility, however at range it becomes a whole new different type of beast. A good destroyer pilot can almost outright win a game by themselves if piloted correctly due to their high damage and equally as high range.


I will be covering a lot of areas of ship building. So be prepared. First off, you have to think of what do you want your ship to be, will it be focusing on sniping? If you are building a long range destroyer, then armoring up the front and having a good turn speed is good. If you're making a phaser frigate then you will want to have the maximum amount of speed, whilst having a compact design to reduce your profile. Remember you can also place armor blocks on top of systems such as gyroscopes and engines. IMPORTANT NOTE: Gyroscopes affect turning speed based on center of mass, take this into account when building your ship.

Next, armor placement, unless you're making a destroyer or battleship which have high amounts of CPU, conserving CPU is important, you don't have to cover every part of your ship. If you have a ship which is thick, then thin, then thick again, you will want to armor the thing bit more than the thick part due to it being a big weakness, many times has my ship been sliced in half because of it being a thing part, and therefore a big structural weakness. By thin parts I mean about 1 block wide that connects your guns and other systems, that once shot you will lose a lot of stuff. You will also want to armor up your engines as getting your engines shot off really sucks and it makes you a sitting duck, or a snail in a race with a bunch of hares.


As you play through Galactic Junk League you will experience a multitude of abilities, both defensive and offensive. Every ability is unique in it's own aspect and provides a nice diversified feel to the game and how combat is carried out.

There are two types of abilities, class specific abilities (Abilities only present when building a ship of X class) and global abilities (Abilities available for every ship class) All abilities in the game are listed below, along with appropriate statistics:

Class Specific Abilities

-Destroyer - The destroyer has 3 abilities that are class specific, these are as follows:

1. Artillery Shield - Creates a protective shield around the destroyer which absorbs a portion of incoming received damage. Active only when the ship is immobile. This ability is great for the destroyer as it vastly increases it's durability.


  • Personal Shield

2. Artillery Mode - When activated, the ship will lose some movement speed but in exchange gain extra range on all weaponry, making it useful for sieging targets from a long distance away. It also makes the destroyer a very good support ship as it is able to shoot from a very long distance to protect your allies and help destroy enemy ships.


  • Personal Range Increase and Movement Speed Debuff

3. Mark Target - When activated, you mark an enemy ship which will increase all damage dealt to the target by not only you, but your team as well. The mark has an unlimited duration however only one ship can be marked at a time so be sure to pick your targets wisely. This gives the destroyer a lot more damage as well as being a great help to the team if this ability is utilised properly.


  • Targettable Enemy Defense Debuff