Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

Players must guide British explorer, Henry Hatsworth, through five exotic worlds in order to collect artifacts to ultimately unlock a golden suit of armor.


Henry Hatsworth
Henry Hatsworth

First appearing at GDC 2008, the game was known as Unannounced: The Game. Little was known of the gameplay at that time but the mustachioed British professor known as Henry Hatsworth made his debut. Making a return at E3's Into The Pixel art exhibit, the professor had a new style and promised an innovative platforming experience.

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure was officially announced and its name made public the summer of 2008 by EA Tiburion. A product of the EA Casual division, Henry Hatsworth features platforming on the top screen with a block-matching game on the lower touch screen.


A screenshot showing both kinds of gameplay.
A screenshot showing both kinds of gameplay.

In the game, all the platforming takes place on the upper screen. The game features 30 levels over five exotic worlds. Players will collect artifacts in order to build a suit of armor called The Gentleman's Suit.

The block-matching aspect of Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure takes place on the bottom screen. It's a Planet Puzzle League-style game where tiles are slid horizontally to create rows or columns of at least three.

Once enemies are killed on the upper screen, they become tiles on the bottom. Over time they will move upwards and if they make it to the top they return as enemies to attack Hatsworth.

Players can also gain power-ups by working on the bottom screen; such as health, lives, and various kinds of attack boosters. Filling up the Super Meter on the right side of the lower screen will make Hatsworth younger and give him an extension on his life meter. As well as this, the bottom screen can contain